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The swords are often seen as the most challenging suit in the tarot, and some readers cringe to see swords cards in their reading. Associated with the air element, swords are often quickly summarized as “about the mind”... but what if working with mind is something you enjoy? Is identification with the mind necessarily bad? And is swords = mind really an accurate shorthand?

Join me for a FREE webinar on February 11, 2022 followed by a weeklong email series where we’ll blow this narrative wide open, presenting an alternate heart-centered interpretation of the swords and where the fit into the tarot, while also engaging with bigger questions about the elements and associating them with centers of the body.

We’ll walk through these questions as well as each card in the suit live, and then the email series will help you consider how to explore some of the ideas of the swords suit and the air element (in honor of Aquarius season!) in your own life. From unlearning stories that don’t serve us to being in community to dreaming in new visions of the world, these emails will be jam packed with reflection prompts, exercises, and additional resources. Sign up to the right, and be sure to share the link to this page with friends who might be interested! Tarot knowledge is not required, and even advanced readers are likely to find something new in this offering. 💗️