Queer & Magical AF is a state of being that embraces the liminal and the fluid, centers those most marginalized, and alchemizes what is personal into what is profound, spiritual, and interconnected. Through this lens I help folks passionate about liberation and justice understand themselves to find their roles in an emerging future. I am a writer and a change doula and enjoy working 1-on-1, teaching and designing group programs, and writing both creative non-fiction and practical resources for moving through personal and systemic change.

The structure of my work constantly evolves as I prioritize emergent strategy and look for ways to doula individuals and our collective through oppressive experiences and into a visionary future. A common thread is centering neurodivergent and queer ways of being, and I’m always curious about ways to deepen anti-racist and anti-capitalist practice. My free newsletter is the best place to receive exclusive content, updates on my evolving work, and new blog posts in your inbox.