Hi! I’m Avory, and I’m a writer and a change doula.

Avory, a non-binary human, looking towards the sky in a bright pink beanie

I help justice-aligned neurodivergent and nerdy humans cultivate ease and self-trust to grow into our emerging future.

I believe that personal and collective healing is integral to releasing the capitalist narratives that keep us stuck and small, and I use my queer and liminal gifts to doula folks into a space of possibility through discerning what is yours to hold and joyfully releasing what isn’t.

a portrait of Avory, a non-binary human, smiling at the camera

I am passionate about affirming your unique magic and offering practical supports for re-membering into natural ways of being. My own healing journey has taught me how important it is to have partners in doing things differently—affirming that change can accessible and grounding and that we are exactly who and where we need to be.

We come home to ourselves and to each other when we blend the sacred into the everyday, practicing new ways of being in the midst of present challenges.

A beautiful future is ours to create…

Right the fuck now.

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Queer & Magical AF is a state of being that embraces the liminal and the fluid, centers those most marginalized, and alchemizes what is personal into what is profound, spiritual, and interconnected. I model this lens through through constantly evolving containers, prioritizing emergent strategy and always looking for the most supportive ways to doula folks through oppressive experiences and into a visionary future. As I do this I am always curious about ways to deepen anti-racist and anti-capitalist practice.