Avory Faucette is

queer & magical AF

neuroemergent guidance for neurodivergent and nerdy humans
embrace your neurotype to uncover your brightest, weirdest, most liberated self

a non-binary human inside a window surrounded by a colorful grafitti eye, part of a moss-colored stone wall of a witch's castle


…it’s a little like navigating the ocean. The ocean is beautiful, magical, liminal…

and also it has sharks.

You long for a liberated world, but you’re struggling with the realities of burnout culture. And living from your neurotype can be a disorienting experience, especially if you’re late-diagnosed or aren’t sure if you fit into any particularly neurodivergent category.

You’re naturally intuitive, visionary, and want to embrace what makes you different, but you’re not sure how to get beyond executive function challenges and all the “shoulds” in your brain. I’ve been there, and I’d love to help you rebuild the self-trust a neurotypical world has stripped away so you can orient to your own magic.

It’s time to


your neurotype.

What Clients Are Saying…

A smiling human with bright red glasses and short blonde hair, wearing a colorful tie dyed hoodie in pastels and ripped jeans.

I came into the session hoping for guidance on what my particular gifts are so that I could focus on what is most in alignment with myself and my business. Autistic to autistic, this session was wonderful! Working with a neurodivergent practitioner is always much more comfortable for me because I can interrupt, or we can go down tangents as they happen, and I end up with a really holistic view of what’s going on from all the additional context. This reading made me realize that filling my schedule to MY level of fully-booked and joyously busy is what works for ME. It’s not perpetuating hustle.

—Caitlin Fisher

Having someone who was knowledgeable and trustworthy, who I knew would be tender and thoughtful about the delivery of information I was potentially not expecting, was very important to me, and I found that in Avory. I so appreciated how open and welcoming zie was and knew our conversation would be chill and low stakes—exactly what I was looking for. So much of what zie shared brought to light that how I was naturally designed is actually how I need to be to thrive.

— Petra Vega, Liberatory Leadership Coach

The container that Avory creates is one of deep respect, clarity, and curiosity. It has just enough structure and focus to anchor and a lot of space for wonder and creative collaboration. After our session I was better able to understand the underpinning of my awareness of patterns and how to participate in group dynamics in a more thoughtful, trusting, and embodied way.

—Jubilee H.

Do I mind if I make a few guesses about you?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you landed on this page there’s a pretty good chance that you’re a passionate nerdy human who’s all about justice and liberation. Your brain loves a cool pattern and you see sparkly connections all over the place between systems, ideas, and observations.

You love digging into learning more about yourself, though sometimes you’re afraid this focus is selfish. Maybe you’ve already explored tools like human design, astrology, or tarot, personality tests like the Enneagram or MBTI, or playing around with shadow work or Jungian archetypes.

Basically, you love a good system.

You’re also queer, polyamorous, kinky, or otherwise a little bit on the fringe of “normal.” You might be auDHD, or have a chronic illness or disability. You want balance between using your beautiful, nerdy brain and tapping into your intuition. You track the moon in a spreadsheet, or keep meaning to. You might identify with the phrase “burnt-out gifted kid.” You have tons of ideas and passions…

And some days, you’re overwhelmed as fuck.

You resonate with all the beautiful things you’ve read about emergent strategy, community care, healing justice, relationship anarchy, neuroqueerness… but there’s a chasm between that sparkly brain experience around your special interests and passionate beliefs, and the stuck feeling of dread when you stare at your to-do list.

You kinda wanna crawl back into bed, and that just makes you feel guilty.

Other people can handle the daily grind, while showing up for movements they care about. Hell, you used to be able to yourself.

Neurodivergence might explain what’s happening, but…

You’re not really interested in bio-hacking, “optimizing,” or aligning with capitalist culture. You’re don’t want a secret sauce so you can be “normal.” You want to embrace your neurotype and balance the demands of daily life with a belief that we all deserve to access rest and ease.

You need guidance back to ease and self-trust.

As a neurodivergent peer, I accept the realities of your neurotype in the context of a harmful dominant culture. I’ll also encourage you to embrace the mystical, the liminal, the queer, and the divine in finding your own spiral path inward, towards alignment with yourself.

I offer spaces where you’re encouraged to be “too much,” meandering, or confused. Where you need perfect words for your neurotype, and where any of your identities are allowed to shift over time.

I use structured languages like tarot, astrology, and human design in my work to help you access your magic and find guideposts for your path, and I rely my experiential wisdom as a queer, non-binary, neurodivergent nerd combined with study in a vast range of perspectives on human experience.

Let’s work together!


An opportunity to dive deep with readings, mentoring, or ongoing neuroemergent guidance. Get support tailored to your chart, your neurotype, and what you want to learn, explore, and experience!

Avory, a non-binary human, looking thoughtfully towards the sky in the woods


Great for those who want to learn more about the systems and frameworks I use or get support outside a live container with a written report. Go at your own pace with accessible tools, classes, and custom reports.

Avory, a non-binary human, wearing a silly hat with a pink ribbon and robot "antennae" on top


Bite-sized resources to learn more about topics such as Human Design types, tarot for inclusive relationship readings, and more. Looking for a free or lower cost taster to try out my work? This is the option for you!

I felt very comfortable with Avory when zie did my astrological chart reading. Zie was very welcoming and inclusive and I felt I could be myself at the reading. There were parts of my chart that pointed to some difficulties in my past and Avory was very sensitive about approaching those subjects and let me set the tone and how deep to dig into it. I really enjoyed the reading and felt it was a fairly accurate overview and gave me some insights to ponder.


On the Blog…

I’m a queer, non-binary nerd with AuDHD. When I started to explore my neurotype, I was already in my 30s and I was exhausted, but I also had a lot of shame around being “lazy,” spending more time tinkering with spreadsheets about my special interests than what I was “supposed” to be doing.

Fortunately, years of experience in disability justice spaces made it easier to see how capitalist bullshit was creeping into my views of my own productivity, and I pivoted a lifelong interest in “self-development” into an exploration of intuition, the neurodiversity paradigm, and metaphysical systems for exploring the self like tarot, astrology, and human design.