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Get a 2024 Catalyst Reading for an energetic snapshot of your year, incorporating tarot and astrology, that’s accessible to digest in a busy season but also easy to reference throughout the year as you flow through its themes. This $66 PDF reading includes tarot imagery, reflection prompts, and intuitive guidance. Order a reading for yourself, or as a gift for someone who could use an energetic catalyst.

You want to embrace your beautiful, magical, liminal, and unique neurotype and get space from the “shoulds” and expectations of dominant culture.

You want to embrace your quirks, your specific ways of navigating time and space, and your unique worldview. You may already have dug into personality types, astrology, human design, and the like.

Perhaps you’re navigating identity shifts, exploring the possibilities of queerness or neurodivergence, or just rethinking your path and purpose.

…but it’s hard to navigate alone.

My 1-on-1 sessions and packages provide anchors and beacons in this turbulent, confusing sea of being weird and wonderful, but not always able to follow the usual rules!

To find the best way to work with me, choose the option that best describes you and I’ll point you in the right direction! (Know exactly what you want? You can also see all my direct booking options here.)

Choose Your Adventure!


You love learning more about yourself and how you naturally operate! Your goal is to learn about yourself using a system like astrology or human design. You may not need practice tips or have a problem, but want a mirror to reflect what I see in you through one of these systems. You’re mainly feeling a need to be seen and understood and better understand your chart.

Deep Sea Diver

You have a specific challenge. You’ve hit a roadblock and need next steps or help discerning what to carry and what you can release. You may be feeling lost and overwhelmed, confused, or indecisive. Whether facing a relationship challenge, choosing a job, pursuing a major goal, or trying to pinpoint an identity, you want guidance that won’t necessarily tell you the answer, but will guide you towards clarity and self-trust to reveal your own answer. You’re mainly trying to solve a problem or answer a question.

Sea Creature

You’re seeking practices that apply across multiple contexts, and principles guiding you back to self-trust. You could really use a personal guide right now who gets your context and can help you navigate intersecting pieces of your life, using supportive metaphysical and spiritual systems to ground exploration. You want to feel held and supported in practicing new ways of being, mindsets, and tools to feel comfortable in the waters of your environment. You’re mainly seeking deep personal support in embracing your neurotype so you can trust your decisions and enjoy the journey.


You’re learning about tarot, astrology, or human design on your own and getting stuck. You’re struggling to understand the system or build a practice with a neurodivergent brain, or you’re trying to practice with a queer, justice-oriented worldview and need help connecting the dots. You need help sorting through what to study, answering questions, and finding your unique relationship to these tools. You’re mainly looking to personally understand and practice tarot, astrology, and/or human design.