Avory, a non-binary human, wearing a silly hat with a pink ribbon and robot "antennae" on top

Avory Faucette is a writer and a change doula, helping justice-aligned neurodivergent and nerdy humans cultivate ease and self-trust for growing into our emerging future. Zie draws on an interdisciplinary lineage that includes tarot, astrology, mindfulness, data and systems, queer theory, disability justice, emergent strategy, and sacred economics. Avory is passionate about finding new ways to embody anti-capitalism and anti-racism in hir work, including destabilizing hierarchies of practitioner vs. client. Zie serves from a place of curiosity and desire to support others’ autonomous healing, drawing from hir own journeys of healing and identity exploration as a trans, queer, neuroemergent, and chronically ill person. Avory also brings more than a decade of experience in national non-profit leadership, writing, speaking, and teaching. Hir work can be found at queermagical.com.

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