Neurodivergent Tips for Sagittarius Season

Welcome to another post from the monthly neurodivergent tips series! In this series, I offer quick tips for each astrological season, geared at neurodivergent folks and written from my own perspective as an AuDHD astrologer and neuroemergence guide. These are some recommended focuses to work with the energy of the season, not a to-do list or something to feel guilty about if you don’t get to it. All our neurotypes are different, so take what feels right for you and release what doesn’t! 

When I say “season” here, I’m talking primarily about the time the sun spends in a sign, shining a spotlight on the sign’s energy. At the same time or close to it, Mercury and Venus will pass through the sign, and a New Moon also occurs in that sign, so its energy is amplified. But you can expect these seasons to also be flavored by the positions of other planets in the sky and in your chart, so they don’t feel the same to everyone or happen in the same way every year. 

Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign, ruled by Jupiter. This is big expansive energy, interested in exploring pathways for learning and growth, making a variety of social connections, and following passion. There’s a Jupiterian connection with philosophy, learning, and big ideals, as well as adventure and discovering new possibilities. 

When I think about Sagittarius in the context of neurodivergence, I immediately think about the strength of our passions, and how neurodivergent people are often particularly driven by passions and interests. We might really struggle to relate and function in typical ways, but we can go on at length about our favorite subject and want to learn everything there is to know, with endless fiery energy for what lights us up. 

We also may tend to jump around a lot between different fixations, with an energy that’s marked by inconsistency. Mutable signs love to pivot—they’re not satisfied with hanging around in one place if there’s somewhere more exciting to go. There’s also a playfulness to this energy, that might be seen as “immature” but holds the childlike wonder and awe that we could use a healthy dose of in our current times. 

Although Sagittarius can be the life of the party, jumping from adventure to adventure and meeting everyone interesting along the way, there’s also sometimes a bit of a nerd energy to this sign. With its themes around belief and learning, Sagittarius season can be a great time to bundle up cozy with a good book, get some astrology study in, or do some journaling to explore your values and what direction they’re pulling you. 

There’s purpose and passion in Sagittarius energy—it often makes me think of artists who pursue their dreams after some time attempting the drudgery of an office job that doesn’t really spark their inner flame. If you’re really dragging in a neurotypical environment, and folks don’t seem to get you, this can be a good time to really engage with your creativity and ask yourself what do you want to do? No judgment, no talking yourself out of it. Just… if you could do anything, what would it be? How can you lean into that sense of possibility, and be part of the vanguard of a new way of being—even in small ways?

As Sagittarius season is a time where there are often a lot of gatherings, holidays celebrated, travel, and time with family, it can be a challenging season for some neurodivergent folks who struggle with social norms and sensory overwhelm. One thing I like to take from the mutability of Sagittarius energy is to remember that I can follow my joy and my inner flame in whatever direction it goes, without judgment. Want to spend all of your time at a social event chatting with the one person who feels comfortable for you? Nothing wrong with that! More interested in a board game gathering than a work happy hour it feels like everyone’s going to? You’re allowed to pick your poison!

This Sagittarius season, you might want to consider the following practices:

  • Go on an adventure. Is there something fun and whimsical you’d like to explore? A passion date with yourself that you’d just love to go on? Something you’ve been putting off because it seems silly and frivolous? Go forth! It’s time for a marvelous quest!
  • Make time for your passions. Whatever lights you up and brings you joy, it’s time to dig in without judgment. Can you reserve a couple of hours each weekend this season for passion play? What about fifteen minutes? Whatever container you can access, jump in there and ask yourself what’s calling right now. It doesn’t have to last, and it doesn’t have to be “relatable.” This is about sparking your inner flame, which is super personal to you.
  • Arrange a nerd gathering. Do you know others who enjoy your special interest? What about folks who just might enjoy a little break from neurotypical party season? Engaging in a project or structured activity together can be an awesome way for neurodivergent folks to bond without that pesky small talk. Perhaps it’s a board games gathering, a shared meal where everyone cooks together and then enjoys the results, a craft meet-up, or a murder mystery dinner party. (This doesn’t have to be in person, either. If you’re still locked down like me, how about a party game over Zoom?)
  • Take that course you downloaded last year. It’s so easy when you’re neurodivergent and nerdy to buy self-paced courses and books and then forget they exist! This is a great time to dust off that collection and decide you’re going to do that course, read that book, or just dig into your bookmarked articles. Explore some knowledge expanding activities and just enjoy the experience! 
  • Acknowledge your shifting interests. This can also be a great time of year to release some of the passions and interests that you used to have that are no longer serving you. Sometimes the detritus of long-abandoned hobbies can build up in our homes, on our harddrives, and on our to-do lists. If you decided to pursue something just for fun, then you’re also allowed to let it go! Let go of old plans to make space for new ones, do a destash and donate or sell what you’re not using so it can find an awesome new home, and ritualize the release of things that just aren’t sparking your flame anymore.

Looking for an astrology reading this Sagittarius season? I’d love to read for you, and I have several astrology reading options that are specifically designed for neurodivergent folks!

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