Writing is my jam.

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Being a Human

Creative essays and notes on healing. Posts to guide you through challenging experiences in a racist capitalist culture and support re-membering in natural ways of being. Neuroemergence, non-binary perspectives, and exploring the liminal.

Resist & Restructure

Exploring the details of time, space, structure, and prioritizing your life in the context of radical possibilities for liberation and justice. Transformation through leaning into your own rhythms and cycles, honoring your capacity, setting boundaries, and more. Practical tools from a healing perspective.


Posts for tarot nerds and newbies alike! Decks, ways of looking at the cards, and life lessons from the tarot archetypes.


Intuitive insights into embodied, earth-centered living translated through the language of the stars. Thoughts on technique, adapting significations to cultural context, and living into these planetary archetypes.

Book Reviews

Reading all the books, and recommending a few. Non-fiction book reviews primarily focused on titles related to healing, spirituality, personal growth, marginalized identities, collective movements, and navigating modern life.