Category: Resist & Restructure

  • An Autigender Perspective from a Nonbinary Autistic Educator

    Was I doing autigender education for a decade without knowing it? In this post I share reflections on how my non-binary autistic lens has shaped how I talk about gender and my own understanding of gender identity.

  • A Collaborative Definition of Healing Justice

    What is healing justice? This anthology traces the history of a multi-layered movement and challenges the reader (including myself!) to avoid use of the term outside of its specific intended context.

  • Exploring Discernment, Care Work, & Emergent Strategy with Petra Vega

    An conversation with liberatory leadership coach Petra Vega around self-tending and growth in the context of our dreams for a more just world.

  • What Are the Legacies of Your Abandoned Dreams?

    Even when a dream doesn’t last, it leaves a legacy that’s worth considering. This post features as personal essay and an exercise to uncover these treasures.

  • 10 Ways to Embrace Change

    Change is natural. But how do you actually normalize it in your life?

  • What Is a Change Doula?

    What do I mean when I say change doula? How does my work integrate healing, justice, and anti-capitalism? Here’s my story of how I came to this title and was inspired to do the work by my own journey.

  • What Sets You Free?

    The 4th of July isn’t exactly my holiday of choice. But maybe it’s an opportunity to reflect on what it actually means to be free.

  • Sustainable Pacing with the 9 of Wands

    Consistency doesn’t mean static. Sustainable pacing IS possible (even with ADHD!) but it takes some creativity.