Let’s Dive Deep!

I love using astrology to zoom in on a specific challenge, problem, or goal and dive deep to find perspective, clarity, and focus moving forward. I have two reading options, depending on what you need support with:

Beacons & Doorways

Have a specific vision you’re trying to reach, but keep hitting roadblocks, feeling overwhelmed considering how to get there, or just getting stuck?

The Beacons & Doorways reading is designed to shake loose those blocks by using your astrological chart to find unique, creative routes to dive down towards your deepest, most inspiring vision for yourself.

If you’re always saying to yourself “I know what I need to do, so why can’t I just do it?” or “I’m doing what I should, why isn’t it happening?” I want to guide you with navigational beacons to direct your energy in a way that feels easeful and meaningful, and open doorways where you’re seeing brick walls.

If you’re constantly tweaking your approach, pivoting among stories about what needs to happen to make your vision a reality, and yo-yoing from excitement and possibility to pure dread, I want to help you shift to a calmer place: where you’re really embodying self-trust, embracing the journey, and showing up in a way that honors both your neurotype and your vision.

It’s not that you haven’t “manifested” hard enough, are secretly terrible at this, or aren’t sufficiently committed to your vision.

The fact is, we’re all designed differently, but advice on how to make our visions a reality is often pretty standardized. Your neurotype, which we can explore through your astrological chart, has its own gifts and boundaries that might not match the strategies seemingly working for “everyone else.”

Whether trying to find a job, start a business or creative project, find a partner, or build community, I want you to move forward with confidence and clarity rooted in your astrology. I want you to focus on steps within your capacity towards your dream, and release guilt around your limitations.

We’ll use your chart as a map not only to those next steps, but also to the beacons and doorways you can use over and over again on your journey, even as your destination evolves. Astrology is a beautiful navigational tool, and often the routes it maps are unexpected!

I’d be honored to serve as your guide navigating these starlit waters, which may be paradoxical and counterintuitive, as a roadmap to reclaiming your power and getting where you want to be from a place of joy and doing things your way, rather than trying to fit an uncomfortable mold.

Your chart’s wisdom can help you quickly evaluate others’ advice to identify time, money, and energy pits and gracefully say “no, thanks.” It can help you discern between paths suited to your specific makeup and ideas rooted in anxiety or “shoulds.” I won’t tell you what to do—I’ll interpret your chart to find tools for you to evaluate possibilities in real time, as they sprout up.

You’ll leave this 90-minute session with a clear picture of activities you can release because they’re not supporting your vision and a personal method for evaluating what’s for you and what isn’t. You’ll be able to dismiss “but everyone does it this way!” advice and hone in on the strategies, tools, and practices that are well-matched to your neurotype and your thriving.

It’s time to stop forcing it, beating yourself up, and trying the same thing over and over without results. Let that shit go.

Beacons & Doorways


  • A live, 90-minute reading so that we have time to explore your chart with a natural, neurodivergent conversational flow
  • Partnering with a neuroemergence guide skilled in intuitively reading astrology charts for the high-context narrative most neurodivergent brains need to be able to retain and apply information, and in navigating the often-winding roads towards a neurodivergent vision
  • Optional session recording so you can revisit the material as you encounter different possibilities that unfold around your vision

Your investment is $180

(sliding scale available)

Topic-Specific Consults

For other questions and challenges, I recommend a topic-specific astrology consult. These one-hour sessions focus on the features of your chart that speak to whatever you’re struggling with. We’ll break down your question and identify what might be getting in your way as well as where you can leverage your unique gifts to find more ease and clarity.

Questions and challenges I might help you with include:

  • Feeling nervous about how you fit into the queer community
  • Figuring out whether you’re neurodivergent, or how to work with your neurotype in a specific situation
  • Struggles with managing time and energy
  • Deciding whether to start a business or work for an employer
  • Identifying a current focus when you have tons of passions
  • Finding ways to explore polyamory or kink, or navigating communication challenges within these relationships
  • Strategizing your gender identity transition
  • Dealing with conflict with your manager
  • Communicating your neurodivergent needs to a partner
  • Breaking away from parental expectations
  • Finding safe ways to practice unmasking
  • Balancing a desire to participate in movements with personal exhaustion

Based on your question or challenge, we’ll dive deep into specific parts of your astrological chart, seeking guidance on where to put your energy and ways to look at the challenge that you might not have considered. We’ll identify natural limitations and unique gifts you may have in this area, and how to work with your chart’s energies to find fulfillment, ease, and clarity.

Your investment is $150 for a 60-minute session

(sliding scale available)