Hello, Explorer!

One of my favorite tools for exploring your personal waters, getting a unique perspective on the beautifully unique makeup of your neurotype, is astrology.

Do you find it strange how you’re passionate and hyperfocused one minute, frozen and unmotivated the next? Feel like a genius in some contexts, and an embarrassing failure to adult in others? Why can’t you get it together?

well, friend, it’s probably capitalism.

We all learn heavily standardized scripts for socializing, being productive, and finding our life path that don’t serve our neurodiverse population. We learn that we should be able to apply our talents in every context, and be “on” whenever needed. Well, that ain’t possible for neurodivergent folks.

In a Re-Homing Your Pieces reading, we’ll explore your chart to help you contextualize your tendencies and personality traits that feel frustrating, annoying, excessive, or embarrassing in more expansive ways. Your astrology chart can serve as a map to unique outlets for those challenging pieces, alternate ways to view them, and practices to bring aspects of yourself into relationship with each other.

Appropriate for both total astrology newbies and those who’ve had their chart read before, this reading is all about exploring how your pieces fit together, and finding an alternate narrative to the voices inside your head (speaking in the tone of dominant culture!) that tell you you’re lazy, childish, awkward, confusing, and “should” do better.

do any of these sound familiar?

  • You know you talk too much, but you just can’t figure out how to get anything out of your mouth without 17 paragraphs of explanation.
  • You feel like a messy bitch who can never get shit done, whether it’s failing to get out of bed no matter how badly you want to, or just constantly forgetting what you’ve promised the people in your life.
  • You’re trying your best to be engaging, show up, and build relationships, but you’re just not connecting with anyone, and sometimes it feels like you speak a completely different language from those around you.
  • You’re sick of being treated like a child, but you still struggle with adulting and you don’t want to let go of the interests that you bring you joy.
  • You feel like two (or more!) different people, and you’re afraid to make commitments since you don’t know who’s going to show up on a given day.
  • There’s a wall between who you know you can be on a good day, your talents and gifts, and the reality of the challenges you experience. No one seems to get how much work it takes just to show up!

now imagine….

What if you could own these parts of yourself with confidence?

I’m not talking about putting on rose-colored glasses!

I want to guide you into a space where you can release shame, feel comfortable with yourself, and embrace these pieces because they have a place to exist.

Neurodivergent people tend to throw our energy into a sinkhole, trying to disappear these parts of ourselves or use them in the wrong environments, with the wrong people. A Re-Homing Your Pieces reading helps pinpoint where these energies can best be directed, and how to heal the fragmented relationship between what you love about yourself and what brings you shame—so that you can really trust the way you show up in the world.

Unlike some neurodivergence experts, I’m not going to teach you how to best achieve any possible result through hacking your brain or tricking neurotypical people. I don’t want you getting results from the parts of you that are inconsistent and feel like a mask, because those results aren’t for you and they’re not sustainable.

Instead, we’ll look at how you can leverage who you actually are in the direction of fulfillment. Rather than hammering hard at the stone that won’t budge, let’s look to the stars to open up spaces for easy flow!

Re-Homing Your Pieces


  • A live, 90-minute reading so that we have time to explore your chart with a natural, neurodivergent conversational flow
  • Partnering with a neuroemergence guide skilled not only in astrology but in intuitively reading charts for the high-context narrative most neurodivergent brains need to be able to retain and apply information, and in holding space for neurodivergent experiences, fears, and shame
  • Optional session recording so that you can revisit the material and consider it in the context of different future decisions and situations

Your investment is $180

(sliding scale available)

“I deeply appreciated how thoroughly researched my chart was, and how much knowledge Avory had. It was super interesting and very eye-opening! I walked away from our conversation with a deeper appreciation for the nuances of how people who up in the world, and the different motivations and drives.”


How is this reading different?

This is a super high-context session, with lots of information packed into 90 minutes, but using the frame of “re-homing your pieces” so you don’t get lost in the details. I remember leaving my first astrology reading feeling like I’d learned a ton, but also my head was spinning after five minutes of discussion each about nine different planets and other placements!

Rather than overwhelming you with every single placement in your chart, I want you to understand how relevant parts of your astrology connect and fit together, in a way that works for many neurodivergent brains. This style will help you to see how energy flows in your chart in a practically applicable way, but also can be a lightbulb moment for how you see yourself.

You won’t just learn a list of things that might describe you, but where and how you show up in those ways, where to direct your energy, and where to let go and trust the universe.

“I felt very comfortable with Avory when they did my astrological chart reading. They were very welcoming and inclusive and I felt I could be myself at the reading. There were parts of my chart that pointed to some difficulties in my past and Avory was very sensitive about approaching those subjects and let me set the tone and how deep to dig into it. I really enjoyed the reading and felt it was a fairly accurate overview and gave me some insights to ponder.”