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The swords are often seen as the most challenging suit in the tarot, and some readers cringe to see swords cards in their reading. Associated with the air element, swords are often quickly summarized as “about the mind”... but what if working with mind is something you enjoy? Is identification with the mind necessarily bad? And is swords = mind really an accurate shorthand?

This free webinar was offered on February 11, 2022 and followed by a weeklong email series. We blew this narrative wide open, presenting an alternate heart-centered interpretation of the swords and where they fit into the tarot, while also engaging with bigger questions about the elements and associating them with centers of the body.

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We walked through these questions an covered each card in the suit live. The timestamped recording is offered freely! If you find this class valuable and have capacity to contribute to sustain my free offerings, I encourage you check out my support page. I am current retooling the email series into different container(s) which will likely be free or low-cost resources. If you want to explore themes like unlearning stories that don’t serve us, finding genuine community in a cancel culture, and dreaming in new visions of the world, be sure to sign up for my newsletter on the contact page so you'll get notified when this material is re-released or achelmized into something new!️