Your Neurodivergent Human Design Strategy

As a neurodivergent person, you know that you don’t operate exactly like everyone else. When you try to adopt other people’s advice, it often doesn’t work for you and leaves you feeling guilt, shame, anger, or frustration.

Human Design is a system that inherently recognizes neurodiversity—the fact that we all have a unique neurotype and ways of working, relating, and making decisions that are specific to us—but not every Human Design reader is familiar with the language of neurodivergence, or talks about Human Design in a neurodivergent-friendly way!

That’s why I’ve created this neurodivergent human design resource, focused on understanding your human design strategy from a neurodivergent lens.

Whether you’ve read about your strategy a bit already, or are brand new to Human Design, this free resource is designed to teach your strategy in an accessible, non-dogmatic way, and to highlight some of the ways your neurodivergence might show up in your Human Design energy type. It’s a great introduction to Human Design and will get you experimenting with some practical guidance right away.

Want to go deeper? I’d be happy to work with you in a 1-on-1 reading!