You want to embrace the magic of neurodivergence. You’re also confused, overwhelmed, and tired as fuck. Let’s explore what ease, self-trust, and familiarity with the patterns of your unique neurotype can look like, without bypassing reality or settling for neurotypical conformity.

Neuroemergent Guidance is a container of deep, ongoing, and multimodal 1-on-1 support where I doula you through a process of emergence into your own neurodivergent possibilities.

Neuroemergent Guidance is for you if…

You identify with neurodivergence at some level, and like the idea of living a life radically aligned with your neurotype and values, but it feels impossible to reach under current conditions.

You’re sick of experiencing your neurodivergence as confusion, overwhelm, feeling like you’re too much or not enough, struggling to connect with other humans, and just being exhausted by the conditions of modern life.

You get hung up on questions like:

  • How can I balance my desire to contribute with my limited capacity?
  • How do I embrace my communication style within existing relationships that already have established expectations?
  • How can I make things work for me when my energy and motivation are inconsistent and I’m constantly overthinking everything?
  • How can I find joy and excitement under the weight of all this trauma?
  • How am I supposed to establish a spiritual practice or find my soul purpose when I can’t even remember to brush my teeth?!

🔥 Honestly, you kind of want to set a ritual fire and burn that report card that says “shows potential, but needs to apply themselves.” 🔥

There are a million paths to self-understanding, and I’m guessing a lot of those end up languishing in your “later” pile: Maybe I’ll learn to meditate? I keep meaning to learn astrology. I wonder if that new ADHD hack would fix my organization issues? But I don’t really care that much about “10x-ing my productivity,” I just want a goddamn moment to breathe.

You long for support, but might not know what kind. It’s hard to articulate what would help the most. It might also feel like you don’t really have a specific problem, so it’s frivolous to prioritize this kind of work.

But you’d love to feel more ease in your life, more flow, and a sense of confidence in your decisions. You’d like to feel a strong sense of self-trust and not worry about whether you’re doing what’s right, because you know you’re on the right path. You’d like to experience motivation that naturally ebbs and flows without guilt or shame, to feel truly seen by your closest people, and for everyone to get how freaking hard you’re trying! You’d like to be able to rest and enjoy your passions. You’d like to spend less time stuck in your head, and less time just… stuck.

I’d love to help you guide you there!

As a neuroemergence guide, I embrace your messy edges, find magic in the rambling tangent, and look for meaning in your weird niche interests. Working with a neurodivergent peer can be a breath of fresh air—I’ll guide you towards clarity, but won’t shove you into a particular box or expect steady, measured progress towards a static goal.

If you find it hard to communicate needs or narrow down to a specific goal or topic, you’ll thrive in a container where we make space for whatever emerges in your journey, spiraling towards consistent themes rather than insisting on consistent action. As we build trust and familiarity, I can deploy different tools that resonate with how you think and communicate:

  • Tarot / oracle and channeled wisdom to ground in the intuitive and divine
  • Consulting your astrology and/or human design chart to explore perspectives you might not have considered, find affirmation on your path, and suggest specific practices
  • Reflective questions to get to the heart of the matter and help you find your own wisdom within all the brain chatter
  • Gentle support in identifying pressure from expectations, brain stories, comparison, and systemic forces and releasing what doesn’t support you
  • Practical guidance and mentoring to navigate career challenges, time and energy management, relationships, and other specific topics
  • Tools and practices to address specific neurodivergent needs such as sensory issues, communication difficulties, rejection sensitivity, lack of motivation, confusion about next steps, energetic burnout, and more

I’m inspired by the tradition of the crip doula, a disability justice community practice that acknowledges how important it is to have a peer who understands navigating a shifting identity and the constant daily challenge of meeting our support needs while seeking to thrive in an ableist world.

What does guidance look like?

All the resources on neurodivergence can be hard to navigate alone. Our brains naturally go down rabbitholes and get lost in the theories, pitches for quick-fix hacks, and capitalist bullshit. Before we know it, we’ve spent hours in our heads and feel less clear than when we started! If you have a queer, justice-centered, spiritual approach to life, you know that wisdom is a vast, interconnected web—but there are also many ways of knowing.

That’s why I draw from many modalities with my gift in making connections between tools, theories, and practices. I focus on your emerging needs, your capacities to address them, and beacons I can light up along your path. Our sessions are checkpoints for what’s possible, grounded in what’s present.

We’ll spend time exploring in the moment, but I’ll also help you find focus points, supportive resources, and what to release between sessions.

You’ll have opportunities to play with the magic of your meandering path and observe emerging energetic themes calling you towards new ways of being. A range of topics and challenges come up in this work, and I love helping you contextualize what’s happening in your own narrative to find clarity and self-trust when change seems never-ending.

Here’s a small sample of how I’ve supported clients in this work so far:

  • Pinpointing language for neurodivergent identity
  • Getting comfortable with “unmasking” in social situations and discerning safe opportunities to do so
  • Troubleshooting challenges with consistency through the lens of the birth chart and finding new ways to view what it means to be consistent
  • Identifying major energy drains that are no longer aligned
  • Finally launching a project that’s been on the back-burner for many months where executive function issues have gotten tangled with self-doubt
  • Working with the financial anxieties and uncertainties that come up when transitioning to a passion career
  • Creating spiritual practices that work for an ADHD brain
  • Handling “too many interests!” overwhelm and the “can’t stop buying courses I never complete” problem
  • Developing a healthier relationship to the “new hobby!” rabbithole
  • Creating tools for support when feeling bored, overwhelmed, panicky, or exhausted and unable to remember what might help
  • Identifying sensory and emotional needs and learning to make space for them without guilt or anxiety about demanding too much
  • Navigating the intersection of neurotypes and gender roles in parenting
  • Identifying priorities within the giant list of “things I want to be doing differently”

Each client is entirely unique, so I’d love to have a free Explore Call with you to talk about your needs and what this could look like for you. If another offering or different support fits better, I’ll make recommendations and referrals!

Most new clients start with a three-month commitment, to give you ample time to expand into possibility and feel held in the container of this work. Typical rates are around $420 a month, including two 90-minute video calls, call recording, custom practices and exercises, a personal resource guide, and text or video access to me between calls.

In the spirit of neurodivergence, recognizing we all have different needs and capacities, I work with each client to put together a contract. Don’t hesitate to schedule some time with me to talk through whether this offer is a fit!

Hi, I’m Avory! I’m a queer, non-binary nerd with AuDHD. When I started to explore my neurotype, I was already in my 30s and I was exhausted, but I also had a lot of shame around being “lazy,” spending more time tinkering with spreadsheets about my special interests than what I was “supposed” to be doing.

Fortunately, years of experience in disability justice spaces made it easier to see how capitalist bullshit was creeping into my views of my own productivity, and I pivoted a lifelong interest in “self-development” into an exploration of intuition, the neurodiversity paradigm, and metaphysical systems for exploring the self like tarot, astrology, and human design.