Tired of questioning yourself when the rubber meets the road, doubting your decisions, and regretting the advice you took once it has a chance to play out? Spiral into self-trust with Neuroemergent Human Design, a six-week experience to practice honoring the truth of your neurotype and discover the surprising opportunities that emerge when you live from your design!

This non-dogmatic, anti-capitalist, neuroqueer approach to Human Design allows you to explore a Human Design practice in your daily life, with 1-on-1 mentoring to tease out what you find supportive about the system and how to adapt it for your specific needs. We’ll go beyond a simple reading to catalyze a real shift in how your show up to your life.

Neuroemergent Human Design is for you if…

You’re a strong believe that neurodiversity—the way we all show up, think, and communicate differently—is important. But the real world doesn’t seem to be reflecting that! You’re tired of the roller coaster of discovering something new about how you operate that makes you feel inspired and uplifted, then crashing back down to earth when the people around you have expectations you can’t meet and no time for your way of being.

You resonate with topics I write about like emergent strategy, neuroqueerness, anti-capitalism, and reclaiming rest, but have no idea how to embody these things in your actual life!

You’re sick of anxiety, pressure, expectations, shoulds, and what-ifs. You’re sick of confusion and uncertainty, feeling excited about a decision and then beat down by others’ judgments. You want to turn off the voice in your head that always notices how others have it better or predicts their disapproval.

You want to be confident in your path and experiencing flow, not stuckness. You want synchronicity and alignment, feeling like everything you do and feel is in sync with spirit and those around you. You want magical opportunities to appear that match your unique gifts, and you want to feel rewarded for what makes your neurotype amazing. You want to be able to gracefully say “that’s not my problem” when something isn’t, and ignore advice that’s not right for you rather than second-guessing your integrity.

“As someone recovering from burnout, it was incredibly supportive to learn that as a Generator I actually LIKE working to the point of done-ness. It helps me enjoy my rest time even more. But previously I felt shame about being busy, as someone teaching folks how to unlearn the hustle. [Working with Avory] made me realize that filling my schedule to MY level of fully-booked and joyously busy is what works for ME. It’s not perpetuating hustle.”

—Caitlin Fisher

Why Human Design?

I created this six-week program to directly address some of the biggest challenges we face as neurodivergent humans, because Human Design has been one of the most effective systems in my own practice for quickly cutting through all the crap—expectations, self-doubt, confusion, the logics of systemic oppression, and other people’s bullshit—to get to the energetic truth of opportunities that the universe is presenting me.

When your brain is swirling with confusion and overwhelm and you’re groping for a life raft, it’s great to have a quick way to evaluate “this or that.” Is this advice for me? Should I apply to this job? Do I really want to go to this party? Am I being called to take this course, or is it just sales pressure?

Human Design offers this through its simplest, most core practical tool: Strategy & Authority. But neurodivergent folks often get confused about what their strategy and authority really mean! It’s much easier to start practicing Strategy & Authority with the support of a neurodivergent guide who can help you apply this tool to what actually comes up in life.

Going a layer deeper, I’ve been much more able to practice Strategy & Authority in pursuit of aligned opportunities when I also have tools to discern what’s not for me plus a deep understanding of my role in the energetic collective, how my energy flows with other people’s. I’ve built these pieces into the experience so that it has the potential to catalyze a lifelong journey.

There’s a lot of complex, confusing information out there on Human Design. It’s easy to get lost in all the tiny pieces of your chart and misunderstand how they fit together if you don’t know how to navigate it as a system. I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying, practicing, exploring, and supporting others through this system, so I’d love to help you bypass all that confusion!

“So much of what you shared with me brought to light how it is that I was naturally designed, and it affirmed for me that that is actually how I need to be to thrive. Since then I’ve been leaning more and more into rest as a Manifestor by napping everyday since for around 2 hours and listening to my natural inclinations of “yes, I want to do this, let me do this now” since that’s the place where I shine. I’m still so grateful for this opportunity and the resources that followed!”

—Petra Vega, Liberatory Leadership Coach, @CreateMorePossibilities

What You Get:

  • Intro resources so your live time with me focuses on your specific needs and challenges, consulting your unique Human Design chart
  • Three live sessions to explore your chart, troubleshoot real-life practice, and find a practice that actually works for you
    • Session 1: Clarify why you’re using Human Design and learn how to quickly start practicing Strategy & Authority in your life
    • Session 2: Deepen confidence in applying Strategy & Authority to specific challenges and learn what “not-self” sounds like in your specific design to discern what’s for you from what isn’t
    • Session 3: Develop confidence in how your design differs from others’ in your life and learn tools to find self-trust so you can recognize external pressure and find your own path
  • Two weeks between sessions with twice-weekly quick check-in and resource sheets to apply the practices we’re exploring in your busy life, get questions answered as they arise, and pinpoint your needs.

For this 6-week deep dive,

your total investment is $549.

Payment plans are available!

Ready to spiral in towards trusting your own wisdom?

“I struggle to put the theoretical into practice, especially since I feel like my neurodivergence (ADHD/Autism) doesn’t always align with conventional wisdom in other systemic frameworks. You provided the type of container that felt grounded in a knowing of the system while also allowing for the flexibility to talk about how my chart can be used more strategically. I really loved how I was able to ask questions and share personal stories, but you always kept us reigned in enough for me to walk away with some actionable things to think about, practice, notice, etc.”

I can get swept up in an interesting conversation and if I take a minute to ask ‘is my sacral yes to nerding out in live time on this,’ or ‘is my sacral yes to starting this project with this person, etc.’ it is helping me to see what exactly my body is responding to. I’m noticing that I am often more excited and responding to verbally processing ideas and that my energy for starting or working on other people’s projects isn’t that true sacral yes. Because I’m autistic, I tend to take things literally (without always realizing that this literal thinking can become rigid), so I appreciated when you taught about the sacral yes being connected to sound and how the ‘typical’ mhmm/uh uh may not be MY sacral sound. The example you gave was so helpful, because I sometimes think that if I don’t do it exactly as described, then I’m not really getting a sacral yes. This is why working together 1-on-1 was even more beneficial than the Youtube videos or passages I’ve read. It helps with the application.”

—Jenna Fox

What you need for success…

I’m not about hiding the ball in the name of a sale! Here’s what I’ve found most important to experience transformation in this six-week experience:

  • Openness to working with a system that is about energetics (things that might not always be easy to explain logically)
  • Willingness to play around, experiment, try practices, and speak up if something isn’t working for you, so that I can suggest alternatives
  • Integration of practice into your daily life—you don’t need a ton of time, as most things I’ll suggest are very simple observational practices or reference concepts, but you’ll get the most out of it if you can check in with yourself as you use your daily energy and make real decisions, to get real-time feedback from your inner knowing on what works and what doesn’t
  • Availability for three live sessions, spaced 2-4 weeks apart (I’ve designed this as a six-week experience, but you can take up to twelve if needed—more than that and it’s tough to maintain a flow from session to session)
  • Acceptance that you won’t learn everything about your Human Design chart in six weeks—the system is structured somewhat hierarchically, so it’s more to gain a deep understanding of and practice with core elements of your design than to dissect the meaning of every gate (though I’ll study your chart and can incorporate those detailed layers where relevant!)
  • Access to your birth information—Human Design requires a fairly accurate birth time, date, and location (if your time isn’t super accurate, reach out with what you know and I can tell you if I’d recommend proceeding!)

Your best teacher is practice, so let’s dive in and explore together what wisdom your design might offer!

ps – Intrigued by this experience, but still not totally sure it’s the right investment for you? Need to talk about a payment plan? I’d love to jump on a free half-hour Explore Call with you to talk it through, help you compare this experience to other possibilities, and give you a taste of your design!

Hi, I’m Avory! I’m a queer, non-binary nerd with AuDHD. In Human Design terms, I’m a 1/3 Sacral Generator. When I started exploring my neurotype, I was already in my 30s and exhausted. I also had a lot of shame around being “lazy,” spending more time tinkering with spreadsheets about my special interests than what I was “supposed” to be doing.

Fortunately, years of experience in disability justice spaces made it easier to see how capitalist bullshit was creeping into my views of my own productivity, and I pivoted a lifelong interest in “self-development” into an exploration of intuition, the neurodiversity paradigm, and metaphysical systems for exploring the self like tarot, astrology, and human design.