Welcome to the Sea!

I don’t need to tell you that we’re living through a time of tremendous change. While these magical currents can guide us towards radical expansive possibilities, they can also toss us around quite a bit!

The ripple effects of changing tides through your life can be disorienting, overwhelming, and nerve-wracking—especially it feels like those around you know exactly where they’re going, but you keep losing sight of the shore.

I love guiding neurodivergent folks to find their unique inner sea creature: a sense of self-trust that isn’t a static path, but rather an ability to ride the waves, find nourishment on the open waters, and identify navigational aids.

Long for support that meets you where you are to align with your neurotype and shapeshift into this reality? Check out one of the experiences below!

Neuroemergent Human Design

Want a clear, structured system to navigate tricky decisions, optimize your time, and discern effective uses of limited energy? Struggling with “shoulds,” expectations, and advice? Sick of getting pushed off your path by doubt and external criticism? Need something super practical and supportive?

A six-week Neuroemergent Human Design experience might be for you! Learn to navigate by your neurotype, quickly discern “this is my path” from “someone else’s stuff,” and get highly practical personal guidance around sustainable energy use. Non-dogmatic, experiential Human Design practice is a critical tool in my own neurodivergent wayfinding. This is a great option if you like a structured but highly personalized approach, deep support in a time-bound container, and practices to use in your day-to-day life.

Neuroemergent Guidance

Looking for support across different areas of your life from a neuroqueer change doula who can reflect back your experience and work with whatever emerges in the present moment? Drawn to multimodal support that might include spiritual guidance in one session, a deep dive into your astrological chart in the next, and super-practical investigation of your business strategy in the context of your time and energy needs in another?

This is my most flexible, fluid offering, designed for neurodivergent folks who don’t want to work on a single goal or with a single system, but need space to explore what’s present in different ways, with different tools, and with gentle invitations for practice… with permission to skip if you’re out of spoons!

I’ll hold space for you over 3+ months, with live sessions and resource curation. Clients report some of the biggest transformations from this work!

Spiritual Practice Mentoring

Not sure about a deeper commitment just yet, but need space held for your journey?

I offer spiritual practice mentoring sessions on a one-off basis, especially appropriate for neurodivergent folks and nerds looking to create a practice but struggling with the how—what incorporating spirit into your life looks like, where to start, and developing a practice that will work for your neurotype.

Having trouble deciding what’s for you? I offer a free Explore Session to navigate the options in the context of your specific needs!