Tag: embodiment

  • Nature Healing Through Sensitivity, Whiteness, and Shame

    Notes on my own exploration of spiralic healing through COVID and reconnection to nature with the aid a new book engaging with sensitivity, justice, and the inevitability of change.

  • What Role Can White Folks Have in Healing Justice?

    Considering the relationship between human body and liberatory work, Susan Raffo provides a perspective especially important for white folks looking to engage with healing justice.

  • An Indigiqueer Perspective on Relationship, Embodiment, & Apocalypse

    This wasn’t an easy read, but it was a necessary one, decolonizing language as a form to communicate very personal experiences of Two-Spirit Cree embodiment in a time of apocalypse.

  • Coming Home to Embodiment

    Building a relationship with your body doesn’t have to be a slog, but it can’t happen only in the mind, either. What does it look like to have a conversation with your body?