1-on-1 Services

I offer a range of one-off sessions and packages including readings, mentoring, and consulting.

Tools I work with include tarot, astrology, and human design. I especially love working with neurodivergent and multi-passionate clients, and I bring a neuroqueer, interdisciplinary, intuitive, and accessible lens to all sessions.

My offerings regularly rotate, so please check out the button below for what’s current! Sliding scale pricing available for most sessions.

Not sure what’s right for you? Interested in a package? Please choose the FREE 30-minute Explore Session from my offerings menu at the button below to learn more! I am happy to provide some quick insight, partner on how I can serve you, and provide referrals if it’s not a good fit.

Teachings & Tools

Self-Paced Course: (Un)productive

I’ve distilled tons of wisdom around healing from productivity culture AND building supportive personal systems into a self-paced audio course that blends the practical with the spiritual and anti-capitalist. Launch price available for a limited time!

As a change doula, I’m passionate about the alchemy of personal healing and collective justice. I hold a deep belief that we can change the world through our own healing, and that we can co-create an emerging future even in the midst of overwhelm and burnout—not by trying harder, but by spiraling inward towards ourselves and unlearning harmful narratives. I hold supportive space to help you navigate your unfurling identities, find ease in your life, and trust yourself so that you can clear commitments that aren’t serving you and prioritize your passions.

Change is constant. But you don’t have to go through it alone.

I especially love working with neurodivergent folks, those who suspect they may be neurodivergent, and burnt-out gifted kids. I think you’ll find my way of working refreshing! I hold space for your multiple passions, showing up as you are, and communicating however feels most comfortable to you.

As a neurodivergent person, I know how important it is to feel comfortable expressing ourselves naturally, and how important it is to work with our unique magic and our challenges. I love the frame of neuroemergence as a challenge to capitalist ways of being, whether or not you have an particular diagnosis.

What if you stopped striving to meet their goals, and started spiraling into yourself?

Ultimately, my work is about re-membering in natural ways of being that aren’t supported in a racist capitalist culture. As you unlearn the lies you may have been told about what you “should” do to be “enough,” it’s important to have a guide who can affirm your own inner knowing, help you re-connect with your own intuition and personal magic, and support you in learning to identify what’s yours to hold and what isn’t.

I use a range of modalities to meet you exactly where you are, at the intersection of your passions and mine, so we can do that work together whether it’s in a 1-on-1 reading, over a longer period of time with a package, or connecting in a group setting through a workshop. We can start super-specific, and often clients find that things naturally open up into unexpected pathways and opportunities that help them to do that re-membering and re-connection to the self-trust that is our birthright.

wouldn’t it feel good to trust yourself?

My aim is guide you through transformational healing experiences in the form of a mirror, rather than an instruction manual. I love to ask meaningful questions, share expansive perspectives, pull tarot cards, and offer useful resources and exercises that you can engage with outside of a session. You might work with me when going through a specific challenge, when you have a question you’re struggling to answer alone, when you’re looking for tools and support, or when you simply want to experience being seen and prioritized inside a supportive container.

Let’s explore what’s possible.

Click the link above to see what I’m currently offering, and if you’d like to explore possibilities together outside one of the sessions I’ve currently got on deck, I’d love for you to book a free, no-strings-attached 30-minute Explore Session with me. Seriously, no strings.

I love meeting new folks, hearing a little bit about what you’re going through, and sharing about how I might be able to help. And I’m always happy to offer some quick reflections, prompt questions, maybe a tarot card or two, without any obligation to book future services. If I’m not the right person for you, I’ll happily make some suggestions from my robust referral list.

Video calls not accessible to you? Not a problem! I’m also happy to offer a text-based session via Discord for those who are more comfortable typing. Go ahead and sign up for any of my offerings, including the free Explore Session, at the button above, and let me know in the accessibility box that you’d prefer a text-based session. Camera off is also totally awesome, and I’m happy to work with you on any other accessibility needs. Let’s find the best way to connect that works well for you!

Looking for a tarot reading, astrology reading, or human design reading?

Here’s that link again to book!

You may also want to check out my beliefs for a quick sense of what you can expect from a session with me.

Across all modalities, the following things are true:

  • I am not an expert in detailed timing, and I don’t do predictive readings, though I can absolutely make recommendations if that’s what you’re looking for!
  • My style is conversational and very neurodivergence-friendly. When you come in for a session, I’ll ask you a question or two to get a sense of what you’re looking for, and you never need to fear having booked “the wrong session.” I’m more than happy to adapt on the fly! Sometimes a client realizes what they thought they needed when they booked isn’t exactly what they need day of, and that’s absolutely fine! One of the benefits of working with me is my interdisciplinary approach and knowledge across a lot of areas of life and different techniques.
  • I bring my intuition to every session, and while I’m accessing a deep well of knowledge in the “language” I’m using (such as tarot, astrology, or human design), I also tend to have a conversational approach, prioritizing meeting your specific needs in the moment. I’ll often share questions, reflections, and ideas that come from a synthesis of technique and my own intuition, experience, and listening to you. If you’re looking for support in learning and understand the technical details of a discipline I practice, the best container for that is a mentoring session!
  • My practice is trauma-informed and consent-based. If you’d rather not discuss a topic, disagree with something I’ve shared, or want to pivot, I encourage you to do so! You are also the #1 expert in your own experience. I’ll never tell you that you must take my advice, or that there’s only one approach. If something doesn’t resonate, great! Often in a session I’ll explore some possibilities with you, and if something is way off, that’s not a sign that the modality “isn’t working”—it’s an awesome beacon that tells me to explore a different direction. I like to borrow a phrase from witchcraft communities: “take what you like and leave the rest.” Your own intuition is one of the most important tools we’ll be tapping into, and my goal is to assist you in seeing where cultural norms, “shoulds,” narratives, and beliefs might be getting in the way of seeing a different perspective.
  • I do not give, and am not qualified to provide, medical or legal advice. I’m also not a therapist. I’m very comfortable digging into taboo topics and some of the more challenging parts of life, but I encourage you to consider your own supports if your intention is to work with me around areas of life that may bring up trauma and emotional intensity. This work can pair very well with working with your therapist or processing feelings in a trusting relationship, and I encourage you to seek out such supports as needed!
  • Prices are set in accordance with the value of the specific session, which in some cases includes prep work in advance on my end. I also tend to offer introductory pricing for newer sessions to allow me to get more experience with the offerings and clients to access lower prices, in addition to my regular sliding scale. If you’d like to know when these new discounted offers are available, I recommend you sign up for my newsletter! Please keep in mind that I normally only offer refunds with 24-hour advanced notice of intent to cancel, through the booking software. Of course if you do have an emergency, reach out and let me know! I am willing to reschedule for emergencies and no-shows outside of my normal 24-hour policy for cancellations and rescheduling on an occasional basis at my full discretion. I understand that life happens 🙂