The following is an incomplete list of some of the beliefs that inform and sustain my work. You don’t need to agree with me on all of these to work with me, but I personally find it helpful to know what someone believes if I’m going to be working with them, so I offer this list as a resource for those who are curious!

  • Everyone on this earth has inherent value as a part of the universal source energy that creates us, and our worth cannot be compared or measured. We all have unique value, whether or not that value is honored in this time and place.
  • Small and subtle are as important as big and loud. We don’t need to be the biggest or the best to make a meaningful difference.
  • However you conceive of universal source energy (God(s), Goddess(es), Mother Earth, the divine, the universe, Spirit, guides, planetary ancestors, etc.) is valid and worthy of respect. Whatever language we use to understand the divine, every person is connected to divine, and through divine to every other person. In other words, all parts of life are interconnected, and it is impossible to address a single, isolated issue on its own.
  • No one else knows what your authentic magic looks like. You don’t need to follow a particular set of rules or way of working to be magical. Magic is the soul recognizing itself and remembering its own divinity.
  • You cannot miss what is for you, and what is for you will find you.
  • Everyone deserves healing, support, and rest. Failure, laziness, and similar ideas are constructs. Your healing doesn’t have to look any particular way to anyone else. Slow and meandering is a valid pace. Rest is sacred.
  • Healing is a necessary aspect of justice. When we address our own healing and process inherited and lived trauma, we are better able to show up in the world with minimal harm to others and ourselves, and we expand our capacity for changemaking and worldbuilding.
  • It is possible to simultaneously imagine a transformative future and live in an oppressive society. Dreaming of the future does not mean bypassing present reality or real-world challenges. We need to be able to dream, imagine, and vision to co-create something different. When we focus on problems alone, we stumble through solutions. No one person can see all possibilities, and each person’s contribution adds exponentially to the whole.
  • Prioritizing those most affected or harmed will always lead to the most sustainable change.
  • It is possible for everyone to survive and thrive at once. The root of scarcity is isolation. Security comes from interdependent relationships forged in trust, not from hoarding individual material wealth.
  • We have a responsibility to heal our planet, ourselves, and our communities. This doesn’t look like burning ourselves out or sacrificing ourselves to extremes. It does look like thinking critically about where we hold privilege, wounding, and habits that may be keeping us in patterns of harm. It does look like addressing how we may individually contribute to or uphold systemic harms including the destruction of our planet, extreme wealth gaps, racism, colonizing, gender and orientation based violence, ableism, xenophobia, imperialism, criminal (in)justice, and more. It does look like learning to be present to conflict, rather than simply reacting from our own wounding and breaking ties when we’re hurt.
  • Doing something thoroughly and meaningfully is more important than doing it quickly.
  • Space and time are both constructs. Nothing is truly linear or static. Time moves in a spiral, not a line, and adaptation is natural and necessary.
  • Nature is the ultimate teacher.
  • Love is a transformative verb.
  • Art is essential.