Category: Book Reviews

  • A Thorough Exploration of the Book of Changes

    In this comprehensive reference work on the I Ching, Benebell Wen provides thorough context for the uninitiated, alongside a complete translation and commentary of the Book of Changes.

  • Unmasking Autism for Neurodivergent Adults

    In this book, Devon Price theorizes the experience of masked autistics—often, those who are multiply marginalized and don’t fit into the dominant cultural model.

  • Finding the Fool in a New Approach to Tarot 101

    Meg Jones Wall presents a more radical, introspective way of using the tarot than most published tarot 101 books.

  • Black Queer Magic in Fables & Spells

    adrienne maree brown’s newest collection of poetry and stories explores Black queer magic, possibility, hope, and apocalypse.

  • The Intersections of Nonmonogamy & Neurodiversity

    Reviewing Nonmonogamy & Neurodiversity by Alyssa Gonzalez As a solo polyamorous AuDHD person, it certainly has not escaped me that my neurotype seems to mesh quite well with my approach to relationship! As a relationship and and sex educator, I often focused on deconstructing relationship and identity, helping folks to step off the relationship escalator…

  • A Collaborative Definition of Healing Justice

    What is healing justice? This anthology traces the history of a multi-layered movement and challenges the reader (including myself!) to avoid use of the term outside of its specific intended context.

  • Exploring an Emotional Justice Framework to Unlearning Whiteness

    Reflections on Esther Armah’s four-point framework for unlearning the language of whiteness.

  • Nature Healing Through Sensitivity, Whiteness, and Shame

    Notes on my own exploration of spiralic healing through COVID and reconnection to nature with the aid a new book engaging with sensitivity, justice, and the inevitability of change.

  • Exploring Attachment Styles in a Polyamorous Context

    Attachment styles are much more complex than you may think—especially from a polyamorous perspective.

  • What Role Can White Folks Have in Healing Justice?

    Considering the relationship between human body and liberatory work, Susan Raffo provides a perspective especially important for white folks looking to engage with healing justice.