(Un)productive: Reclaim Your Time, Your Worth, and Your Values

Are you tired of finishing the day wishing you’d done more?

Tried the best new tools, but still struggle to prioritize?

Tired of feeling overwhelmed and guilty about missing goals?

It’s time to do things differently.



Reclaim Your Time, Your Worth, and Your Values

A self-paced audio course to help you heal from productivity culture and prioritize without pain.

Avory, a non-binary human, looking towards the sky in a bright pink beanie

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You love the idea of feeling like a rock-star at your day-to-day life, kicking ass and taking names as you zip through your priorities, effortlessly accomplishing the steps towards your goals, being able to access the information you need with minimal friction, and finishing the day proud of what you’ve done.

You see a new app or productivity hack and imagine yourself living in color-coded, organized bliss where your energy is optimized and you have free time for your creative passions.

But you’d also much rather take another personality test, learn about your moon sign, or play with the new shiny app than confront what actually it’s telling you to do. Maybe you imagine that you just need to learn a little more, find the right tool, or uncover the right productivity secret to get to a place of pride in yourself and that elusive state of relaxation.

But take it from a productivity expert with 15 years of experience: those of us with these skills? Aren’t necessarily doing any better.

The problem isn’t you. It’s the entire approach.

Productivity tools, techniques, and frameworks are designed using data-driven methods, not human-centered ones. Productivity experts are usually white male entrepreneurs with MBAs, and their “proven techniques” don’t take into account neurodivergence or the challenges of being a marginalized person.

These tools might help you tick more boxes, but will they get to the root of what makes you feel like you need to tick those boxes to begin with?

I invite you to say “FUCK NO!” to productivity and “HELL YES!” to being unproductive—without sacrificing the benefits of truly supportive systems.

Avory, a non-binary human, wearing a silly hat with a pink ribbon and robot "antennae" on top

The secret isn’t the system you choose.

It’s unlearning the stories of a capitalist culture and coming home to yourself.

I’d love to guide you home with (Un)productive, a truly unique course informed by my own healing journey, including the powerful mindset shifts and deep reflection that have actually helped me to find the ease, confidence, and clarity I was longing for.

(Un)productive blends a healing, mindful, neurodivergent-centered approach with expertise in time, energy, and information management that you can apply to any system you might adopt. I also use my background in justice and liberation to unpack deeply entrenched capitalist myths and demonstrate the liberatory potential of thinking differently about this topic.

For any system, or none!

All of the course content is designed to facilitate deep personal healing around productivity, prioritization, and time management that sticks, regardless of your chosen system(s). You might work with a bullet journal, a paper planner, a complex digital system, a methodology like Getting Things Done, or a to-do list on the fridge. You might be guided entirely by your intuition. Whatever your approach, it will fit in with this course!

Applicable to your actual life.

Regardless of your learning style, you’ll benefit from a blended and delightfully nerdy approach that includes insights from tarot, astrology, intuitive and spiritual traditions, mindfulness, sacred economics, emergent strategy, neuroscience, psychology, productivity research, and my own experiences. The exercises are designed to engage with the realities of your daily life, not to ignore them! I’ve included journal prompts for self-discovery, logic-brain activities, intuitive exercises, longer-term tracking options, tarot spreads, and more so that you can choose the activities that resonate most with you.

A holistic approach.

Working with different parts of your brain, engaging the logic side but also anchoring in intuition, creativity, values, and even play will help you to see how the results you’re working for aren’t just about surface-level fixes. Instead, these are deep mindset shifts that will allow you to question what you think you “should” be doing, often motivated by guilt and shame, and feel confident in discerning what is yours and what is not.

It’s not just about engaging with the course while you’re actively taking it. This is a fully downloadable offering, and I’ve designed the materials to genuinely last a lifetime!

What’s in the course download:

  • Nearly seven hours of audio lessons
  • A full transcript with a linked index of topics, so that you can not only “read the course” as an alternative to audio, but can also quickly jump back to lessons you may want to repeat, or simply search for a topic you want to reference and pull up the audio using timestamps
  • More than 40 exercises including tools you can use regularly to plan, prioritize, and reflect beyond the course
  • Reference sheets for doing quick check-ins with yourself
  • A visual reference with “cheat sheet” style descriptions to tarot archetypes you can lean on for particular challenges
  • Tables of suggestions for where to focus based on your Mars and Mercury sign

This comprehensive course will be normally priced at $444.


I’m currently offering a limited-time 
$111 launch price!

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This course is for you if you are any of the following:

  • neurodivergent
  • multipassionate
  • nerdy about organizing, planning, and lists
  • often scattered or overwhelmed
  • excited about the potential of productivity apps but unable to find a system that really works for you
  • scared that you might just be fundamentally incapable of getting your shit together
  • looking for an anti-capitalist productivity approach
  • trying to reconcile planning with intuition
  • interested in healing from wounds around productivity, success, and effort
  • curious how you might blend detail-oriented systems nerdery with healing and intuitive tools like tarot, astrology, and mindfulness
  • or just excited to dig in deeper!
a portrait of Avory, a non-binary human, smiling at the camera

About Your Guide

Hi, I’m Avory! I’m a writer and change doula and I help justice-aligned neurodivergent and nerdy humans cultivate ease and self-trust for growing into our emerging future.

In this course I draw upon my background as a long-time productivity nerd with 15 years experience in data management, productivity, and personal knowledge management methodologies as well as five years experience intensively studying tarot, astrology, and intuitive modalities. I’ve also been teaching, speaking, and writing for fifteen years with a focus on justice and liberation.

Some of my identities include white, queer, trans, ADHD, autistic, disabled, and anti-capitalist. I love bringing these diverse experiences together to serve folks who struggle with more mainstream approaches. With a Cancer moon and rising, plus sun and Mercury in Pisces, I’ve got mad supportive energy to create beautiful personalized containers, paired with a deep understanding of how the liminal and fluid can be supportive in our lives.

My dear, beautiful nerd. It’s time.

You’re ready to…

  • find a sense of calm, confidence, and clarify that’s been lacking in your search for a productivity solution
  • be able to move forward with a greater sense of confidence in prioritizing what’s important in your life and your personal systems
  • find greater trust in your decisions and your systems
  • align the tools you use to the values you hold sacred
  • be able to adapt when things don’t go as planned

(Un)productive is designed to guide you to that place, where you’ll finally find what you’ve been searching for through productivity solutions—by letting go of the productivity frame and reclaiming your own power.

It’s time to trust yourself.

Still need more details about what you’ll learn in the course? All right, here we go….

  • the foundation of internalized capitalist mindsets
  • how to understand how and identify when your ego-brain is getting in the way
  • your core needs, capacities, and challenges
  • how to identify stories we tell ourselves and how fear of failure and desire to be good keep us in those stories
  • the strengths of neurodivergent brains
  • our perception of time and how it messes with us
  • your motivation style and how to use it
  • realistic ways to build the habit of using a system
  • how to support the creative / manifestation process
  • how to blend intuition with planning
  • the power of ditching SMART goals for intentions and themes
  • what is success in an anti-capitalist frame?
  • how to change your relationship to success, results, and goals
  • how to address digital and physical hoarding habits
  • how to reduce FOMO
  • the completionism trap and how to define “done”
  • how to let go of a need to capture everything
  • the importance of immersion
  • the spiritual impact of your productivity choices
  • the importance of regular review
  • how to build your values directly into your systems
  • a check-in to return to the present moment
  • the beauty of imperfect next steps
  • how to identify your personally meaningful rhythms and cycles
  • how to work with seasons, astrology, body cycles, and other reference points beyond calendar time
  • how my chronic fatigue taught me to trust my own cycles
  • how to make systems support non-linearity
  • how to get out from under comparison
  • how we try to predict the future and thus miss possibilities
  • the limited utility of logic
  • the key role of ritual in your lives
  • how to find your “notifications sweet spot”
  • the difference between a backup and “symbolic clutter”
  • how ADHD relates to intuition
  • an ADHD-friendly approach to attention, focus, and flow
  • spiral time
  • mindfulness and observation outside of formal meditation
  • how to shift from self-judgment to self-trust
  • how to balance best practices and advice with your own context and release “shoulds”
  • how to balance contributing to society with meeting your own needs
  • the path from self-improvement and striving to be the “best” you to focusing on authenticity and being the most you
  • your key roles and the boundaries around them
  • …and more!